The graphical output depends on the target function at hand. - For 1D numeric functions the upper plot shows the true function (if known), the model and the (infill) points. The lower plot shows the infill criterion. - For 2D mixed target functions only one plot is displayed. - For 2D numeric only target functions up to four plots are presented to the viewer: - levelplot of the true function landscape (with [infill] points), - levelplot of the model landscape (with [infill] points), - levelplot of the infill criterion - levelplot of the standard error (only if learner supports standard error estimation). - For bi-criteria target functions the upper plot shows the target space and the lower plot displays the x-space.

  densregion = TRUE,
  se.factor = 1,
  single.prop.point.plots = FALSE,
  xlim = NULL,
  ylim = NULL,
  point.size = 3,
  line.size = 1,
  trafo = NULL,
  colors = c("red", "blue", "green"),



MBOExampleRun or MBOExampleRunMultiObj object.


Selected iteration of object to render plots for.


Should the background be shaded? Default is TRUE. Only used if learner supports computation of standard error.


If the model provides local standard error estimation, in addition to the mean response yhat(x) +- se.factor * se(x) is plotted above and below. Default is 1.


Parameter for MOI-MBO Multi-point proposal: Should every proposed point be displayed in a single plot - or one plot per Iteration? Default is FALSE indicating single plots per proposed points.


For 1D: xlim parameter for first and second plot. Default is range of x-values evaluated in run object object.


For 1D: ylim parameter for first plot, for the second plot ylim is always set automatically, depending on the range of the evaluated infill criterion. Default for the first plot is a heuristic to have the true function and yhat(x) +- se.factor2 * se(x) both in the plot. Note that this heuristic might change the ylim setting between plot iterations.


Point size for plotted points. Default is 3.


Line width of the graphs of plotted functions.


List of transformation functions of type MBOTrafoFunction for the different plots. For 1D: The list elements should be named with “y” (applied to objective function and model) or “crit” (applied to the criterion). Only applied to plots with numeric parameters. For 2D: The list should contain at least one element “y”, “yhat”, “crit” or “se”. This way one can specify different transformations for different plots. If a single function is provided, this function is used for all plots.


[character(3)] Specify colors for point in the plots. Must be a vector of length 3, each element a color for the type design, prop and seq respectively. Default is red for the initial design, blue for already proposed points and green for the actual iteration.


Currently not used.


[list]. List containing separate ggplot object. The number of plots depends on the type of MBO problem. See the description for details.