• x [list]Named list of proposed optimal parameters.

  • y [numeric(1)]Value of objective function at x, either from evals during optimization or from requested final evaluations, if those were greater than 0.

  • best.ind [numeric(1)]Index of x in the opt.path.

  • opt.path [OptPath]Optimization path. Includes all evaluated points and additional information as documented in mbo_OptPath. You can convert it via as.data.frame.

  • resample.results [List of ResampleResult]List of the desired resample.results if resample.at is set in makeMBOControl.

  • final.state [character] The final termination state. Gives information why the optimization ended. Possible values are


    Maximal number of iterations reached.


    Maximal running time exceeded.


    Maximal execution time of function evaluations reached.


    Target function value reached.


    maximal number of function evaluations reached.


    Terminated due to custom, user-defined termination condition.

  • models [List of WrappedModel]List of saved regression models if store.model.at is set in makeMBOControl. The default is that it contains the model generated after the last iteration.

  • control [MBOControl] Control object used in optimization